In my work I use ceramic vessels, fibers and print making together and separately to celebrate time and place, specifically my time along the Georgia Coast. Celebration of history and tradition past and present combines with love of nature and people in utilitarian art. I often use people in my life as inspiration for symbolism in the work as well as nature. This combination of people and places in utilitarian work allows my pieces to become a useful part of everyday tradition along the Coast. Each piece alone celebrates an aspect of everyday life, when together they recreate and compliment the beauty of open marshes, faded blue skies, and the life that inhabit them.

From childhood beautiful dishes, wall hangings, and clothing were a cherished part of everyday life. Many of these items were hand made by generations of my family. Each piece brought something new to the table. My work is influenced by these everyday moments and beautiful work. Creating and adding to a beautiful functioning home was a part of everyday family life.

I am interested in the tradition of environment on art; specifically symbolism of color, people, animals, and vegetation. Like many before me, my ultimate objective is to translate my own personal experience along the Coast, through narrative imagery on the utilitarian form.